Freight Brokerage Platform

I’m not a big fan of the freight brokerage startups Flexport, Transfix, etc. It’s a seductive space, because top line revenue can grow quickly, but the bottom line can be very challenging. At Shipwire, I would describe logistics as getting stuff into a warehouse, storing it inside the warehouse, and then shipping it onto a … Read more

Zero Footprint Packaging

These guys are very “fundable.” They’re “A” players that have an attention to detail and proven ability to get stuff done, and they aren’t turned off by the mundane side of building products. But this is little more than a class project. Let’s dive into the three problems they’re really trying to solve: The cost … Read more

Role Of The Chief Logistics Officer

chief logistics of​ficernoun• person responsible for the detailed coordination of assets, business processes, and information to satisfy customer (or soldier) demand The first logistics officers took a mathematical approach to supplying troops Alexander the Great, or Philip II as he was originally known, in addition to being history’s first great captain, was also its first logistician. … Read more

The Third Logistics Revolution

The first revolution in logistics began thousands of years ago, and the second revolution began 150 years ago. The third and latest revolution began in the 1970s, and we believe we’re in the early stages. Let’s a take a quick catchup tour, and then look at what comes next. Revolution 1: Agricultural Revolution The first … Read more